Friday, March 14, 2008

Duco Brass Finish

Conetone Electric Biscuit

From the Elderly website: "This biscuit bridge style resonator guitar pickup successfully captures the sound coming off of the cone itself. The unit is composed of a replacement bridge with a thin element laminated into the biscuit, but the element also extends down onto the cone itself. The system is passive and requires no battery. Installation instructions included."

Visit the Elderly Instruments website for availability and pricing.


From the Elderly website:

"Steve Olson is a native Michiganian who became obsessed with the electric guitar early in life. Steve didn`t start lessons until 1970. Playing guitar in Jr. and Sr. high jazz band led to numerous garage bands and paying bar gigs.

In 1981, Steve graduated from the Roberto-Venn school of Luthiery in Phoenix, Arizona and returned to Michigan. After struggling on his own, he enrolled in Dan Erlewine`s Guitar Hospital training course. He continued working for Dan after completing the course.

Steve moved to California in 1986 and worked for Jackson Guitars doing warranty repair and supervising the final set up department. He accepted a job in final assembly/repair at Fender Musical Instruments in Corona, California before moving into the Custom Shop in 1988.

In 1989 Steve returned to Michigan and began repairing fretted stringed instruments for Elderly Instruments after accepting a position from then head repairman T.J. Thompson.

During his tenure at Elderly Instruments, Steve has expanded his range of specialities to include resophonic instruments as well as vintage and modern electric guitars. His company, Conetone Electronics, manufactures the "Electric Biscuit" (stock number "CTONE1"), a pickup for the biscuit style cones. He also reformulated the "Frosted Duco" finish associated with the National Resophonic guitars from the 1930`s. Through a special arrangement with the current National Resophonic Guitar company, Steve painted new guitars and ukuleles until National started offering their own version of this finish."

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